Innosuisse Annual Magazine 2022

The year 2022 in brief


Launch of six new Innovation Boosters

Through the Innovation Boosters, Innosuisse promotes more radical innovation ideas in Switzerland. In January 2022, six further initiatives were launched. A wide variety of partners jointly develop and test their ideas, for example in the areas of Circular Building Industry, Plastics for Zero Emission or Robotics.

The first 15 Flagships begin their work

In 2021, Innosuisse launched the Flagship Initiative. At the beginning of 2022, the first 15 Flagships began their work. They develop systemic and cross-disciplinary innovations that are central to current economic and societal challenges, such as solutions for coping with the COVID-19 induced acceleration of digital transformation or for decarbonisation. A total of 86 Swiss research partners and 223 implementation partners are involved in the Flagships.


14 Scale-up Awards presented

By the end of February, 14 start-ups had successfully completed the first part of Scale-up Coaching. These start-ups are now able to take advantage of the second phase of Scale-up Coaching. Special coaches from Innosuisse support them in developing scalable processes, as well as with financing and internationalisation activities, among other things.

Collaboration on innovation with Israel strengthened

Switzerland and Israel are strengthening their relationship in the area of innovation. In February 2022, a call for proposals for bilateral projects was launched with the participation of Innosuisse, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) and the Israel Innovation Authority. The two innovation agencies offered a joint matchmaking platform for partner searches in both countries.


Innoday 2022

This year, the organisations for national, regional and cantonal public innovation promotion came together at the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne. The annual Innoday by SECO and Innosuisse, in collaboration with the Conference of Directors of Economic Affairs, promotes networking and provides new impetus for innovation promotion.


Transitional measure for European EIC Accelerator

Just a few weeks after the decision taken by the Federal Council, Innosuisse published the first call for proposals for the highly competitive “Swiss Accelerator” on 1 April 2022. This is a transitional measure for Horizon Europe since Switzerland is considered a non-associated third country in terms of the EU’s Horizon Europe framework programme. SMEs and start-ups receive direct financial support for groundbreaking innovations upon successful completion of a three-stage application process.

Funding from Innosuisse adds value

Since the beginning of 2021, Innosuisse has been conducting systematic impact monitoring in order to measure the impact of its funding. The results from the first year confirm the positive effects of Innosuisse’s innovation promotion. The implementation of the funded innovation projects creates numerous jobs, and the funds invested benefit the Swiss economy within a short period of time.


Very high interest in the Swiss Accelerator

A total of 752 Swiss companies submitted a short application for the programme announced in April. The average funding requested per application was CHF 1.85 million. Innosuisse recruited 50 additional experts to evaluate applications all the way through into autumn.

Joint declaration with Indonesia

Indonesian promotion agency KADIN and Innosuisse signed a declaration of intent on innovation collaboration between the two countries at the WEF in Davos – in the presence of Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin and Indonesian Minister of Trade Muhammad Lufti.


Swiss foodtech at VivaTech in Paris

15 start-ups from the foodtech sector presented themselves to an international audience at VivaTech in mid-June. In Paris, they were able to put their innovations in the spotlight at the Swiss Pavilion – thanks to support from Innosuisse. The fair for technological innovations is one of the most important in the world.


Multi-Year Programme 2025–2028 adopted

The Multi-Year Programme lays the foundation for continuing to promote systemic and forward-looking innovations over the course of 2025–2028. Innosuisse will pursue four transversal themes: digital transformation, sustainable development, equal opportunities, and national and international cooperation.


Coaching for Swiss scale-up companies

For the second time, start-ups with very high growth potential could apply for admission to Scale-up Coaching from August to October. Experienced coaches primarily support the start-ups with revising and implementing their growth strategy.


“Driving Urban Transitions”: new thematic EU partnership

Innosuisse published the first call for proposals for international innovation projects that help cities transition to a more sustainable economy and mode of operation. In the new thematic EU partnership, the Entreprise Europe Network (EEN) team at Innosuisse took the lead for the matchmaking platform with over 700 international participants and accompanied the 41 interested parties from Switzerland individually in order to find suitable partners for project applications.

Start-up battles all across the country

As part of the Digital Days 2022, Innosuisse supported the “Greentech Start-up Battle”. 20 selected start-ups from Switzerland were given the chance to present their sustainable innovation to the audience. The battle was kicked off in Biel. Aarau, Winterthur, Lausanne, Bellinzona, St. Gallen and Einsiedeln soon followed suit. The seven best start-ups then competed against one another in the national final in Zug.


Two new members on the Innovation Council

Elena Cortona is CTO and member of the Executive Committee of Belimo Automation. Nicolas Demartines is a Professor of Surgery and Chair of the Department for Surgery at the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), with a focus on oncologic surgery. Since October 2022, they have taken the place of Anja Wyden Guelpa and Massimo Luccina on the Innovation Council. Many thanks go to Anja and Massimo for their outstanding contribution to promoting innovation in Switzerland.

Flagship Initiative: 50 million for a “net-zero world”

The second Flagship call for proposals is intended to help reduce the impact of climate change and environmental pollution, for the benefit of the economy and society. The topic “Disruptive solutions for the transition to a net-zero world” promotes smart energy solutions and new materials and processes. A total of CHF 50 million is available to Innosuisse for this call.


Around 130 full applications for the Swiss Accelerator

After evaluating the 752 short applications for the Swiss Accelerator, Innosuisse invited 132 selected Swiss start-ups and SMEs to submit a full application for their innovation project under the Swiss Accelerator.


Final preparations for changes as of 2023

The revised Federal Act on the Promotion of Research and Innovation (RIPA) entered into force on 1 January 2023. This has brought plenty of changes for our funding clients. In the case of innovation projects, the project partners are able to define more flexible options for dividing up funding contributions. International projects also have new funding conditions. In addition, Innosuisse is now offering specific start-up innovation projects for start-ups that have not yet entered the market. The whole of 2022 was dominated by preparations for these changes.

89 new experts

Innosuisse needs more experts to review applications. Alongside the existing funding instruments that are already in high demand, 2023 will see the addition of a number of new offers. The pool now includes 297 experts from business and science.